How to take care of your tattoo

If you have decided to decorate your body with a nice tattoo, and then make sure you choose the right tattoo that will represent your personality and that will send the right message, regardless of whether it is temporary or permanent tattoo. The part of your body that will be inked is also very important.

Here are some suggestions regarding tattoos:

  • Closely and thoroughly observe the tattoo shop which you have chosen. Be detailed, and observe the shop and the tattoo artists that work in the shop.
  • Always ask for a declaration of the ink
  • Search for former clients tattoo photos
  • Always listen to your instincts regarding the selection of tattoos

Once you have done all those steps, and you are satisfied with the condition of the shop, you have chosen what and where to get inked; you probably want to know how to take care of your tattoo in the first hours of its formation. We bring you some of the advices.

  • Once the tattoo process has finished, the tattoo artist will cover the tattoo in order to protect the irritated skin area. Make sure to keep the tattoo covered and protected as instructed, or at least 12 hours. The coating should not be removed and re-used, since the area can become infected-means you have to be patient;
  • After twelve hours wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and mild soap, or simply carefully wipe over it with gentle and clean towel or handkerchief;
  • Apply a thick layer of greasy cream three to four times a day and let your skin absorb it.
  • Wash the tattoo and generously apply the cream until the inked skin does not heal. Only when the dry layer (which will appear) is fully removed, you can stop with lubrication;
  • Do not pick and scratch your tattoo no matter how itchy it is, because it can spoil the appearance of the tattoo;
  • In the period of two weeks tattoo should not be exposed to the sun. Even if your tattoo has healed completely, excessive sun exposure can damage it and fade the color. So use sunscreen with a high SPF
  • Also, during the period of healing tattoo, you should not stay long in the water (swimming pool, sea, river …)