How to tie a bow tie

Bow ties are definitely a hit this season. This tie can make you appear modern, professional and stylish at the same time. It is very simple, if you know how to tie shoelaces, you should know how to tie a bow tie – it’s the same knot.

Step 1:

Place the bow tie around your neck, just below the collar, and take both ends. The end in your right hand should be hanging about 3.5-4 cm lower than the left end.

Step 2:

Fold the longer end over the shorter end of the tie. You should fold the ends near the neck so that you circle around your neck is just enough to make you easily handle the bow. It should not be too large, because you certainly do not want the tie to hang too much.

Step 3:

Pull the longer end up through the circle around the neck, so that you form a simple, looser knot.

Step 4:

Take the hanging end (the one that is currently on your right side) and form with that end a small loop which you are going to hold with your thumb and forefinger. Essentially, you will want to fold the right side bows (which is at the left side of the neck) to make the ellipse. Keep an ellipse, which will be the front ellipse of the bows, between the corners of the collar.

Step 5:

Switch the left end of the tie (the one that you slipped up through the loop and located on the right side of your neck) over the front of the bow.

Step 6:

Create a new ellipse from the left end, as you did with first end. Still holding the ellipse you just made, fold the end once again.

Step 7:

Put the new ellipse behind the front of the ellipse so that it stands in the opposite direction in relation to it. Grab the ellipse together with your thumb and slide another ellipse through the knot behind the front of the ellipse. Top of your right index finger will be in a position to push the end of the ellipse through the hole behind the front of the ellipse. On the one hand, the ellipse will be the front.

Step 8:

Tighten the knot by pulling the two ellipses together and correct the bow tie. To loosen or untie the bow, pull the tails.