How to use Coca Cola in unconventional way

One of the ingredients contained in the Coca-Cola soda, and these are alkaline substances that can certainly help in cleaning the area in which you live and even your body and the things you own.

Clean the pots
After a certain period, the bottom of the cooking pot becomes so dirty that you simply can no longer wash the dirt off of it. But with this drink, you might just find a way. Simply spill a little Coca-Cola on the target area and leave it for a while. Maybe this carbonated drink will not remove all of the dirt, but will eliminate most of it.

Rusty objects
Plunge the rusty objects overnight in plain Coca-Cola and scrub the rust off in the morning. Rust will ‘surrender’ and it will be much easier to remove it. Also, having in mind that Coca-Cola penetrates even through rust, you can even place firmly tightened and rusty screws that you simply cannot, with all of the effort, unscrew. After the coca-Cola starts doing its magic, those screws are no longer a problem.

Clean the toilet
If you are having difficulties in cleaning the stubborn stones at the bottom of the toilet shells which not even a scrub can brush, try disintegrating the stones with pouring a Coke in the toilet. Let it soak in the Coke for a certain period of time, and the problem will be solved.

Clean the windows
Instead of the standard cleaning products, Coca-Cola also helps in this case. Coke will easily clean the dirt and grease off of your window and results are seen immediately.

Remove stains from clothing
Spill a little Coca-Cola directly on the stain on clothing and allow cloth to fully absorb the Coke. At the first sight, the cloth on which you have spilled the Cole would eventually change the color, as well as the stain color, that could also be changed, but once you put that clothes in the washing machine and the washing is done, I am sure you will be satisfied with the results.

Defrosting windshield
If your windshields are frozen and you do not have at hand scraper for ice or any other object you could use, try using Coca-Cola. Cola will serve as an excellent mean to defrosting windows and after just a few minutes you will be able to remove the ice much faster and more efficiently.

Pain relief
Apply a Coke n the target area, in order to reduce the pain of bee stings and mosquito bites. Also, if you feel pain in the stomach, drink a Coke – it will balance the pH in your stomach and temporarily mitigate the heartburn and indigestion.

Cease hiccups
If you have the sudden hiccups “attack” that are unable to solve, simply gargle a sip of Coca-Cola and the hiccups will stop immediately.

Remove chewing gum from hair
If a chewing gum has stuck to a lock of the hair, Coca Cola can easily help in this situation. Apply the Coke on the stuck chewing gum, and allow it to stand for few minutes. With a little patience whole gum will be removed.