If you want to add a little touch of class, elegance and romance into your space, here is a little idea that can help you.

Required material:

  • lace with the pattern of your choice
  • Adhesive Spray
  • wax paper (for matte and frosted glass appearance)
  • meter
  • tape
  • glass candle holder
  • scissors
  • Scented candles
  • scalpel or scissors

Once you have collected all the material needed, place it in frontof you, and you are ready to start your crafting.
Step 1:
Measure the height and volume of the candlestick and the height, add an inch and cut lace and wax paper so that they both are the same size .
Step 2:
Wrap the wax paper around candlesticks as tightly as possible and fix it with small pieces of tape to a candle glass holder. After you have fixed the wax paper the pasted paper, cut that paper with 4 smaller sections that crosses over the candlestick and overlap the wax paper over the edge of the candle glass to the inside .

Step 3:
Spray the part of the lace that goes on wax paper with adhesive spray and adhere to the wax paper in the same way that you have stuck on the waxed paper. Make sure to do this step very quickly so that the spray does not dry out. Fix it with small pieces of tape so that it can be fixed and stay the way you wish it to be until it dries.

Step 4:
Take a scalpel or scissors if you have to chop off the rest of the lace and the rest of the wax paper that you placed around candle sticks. If necessary, add a little glue to the peaks just enough to make sure that it stays smooth and nicely glued. Leave to dry, add a candle in there and that’s it!