Little manicure ideas

Nail polishing is very interesting especially when we have the time to dedicate to the process and wait for the nail polish to dry completely before we go to dress. It usually is not the case and most often do not have much time for beautification of nails.

We present you great tricks that will speed up the nail polishing process and allow you to make a design on your nails that until now, you did not know or did not have time to do.

Avoid nail polishing cuticles

There are two ways to facilitate nail polishing process, or more precisely to avoid later cleaning cuticle of any staining from nail polisher.

The first is to apply some Vaseline on the cuticles. Vaseline is very greasy and the nail polish will not cling to the skin. Later, when the nail polish dries, simply remove the Vaseline or rub it into the skin in order to give the skin additional nutritional care.

Another way involves tape. As is the case with Vaseline, place the tape on the skin around the nails. After the nail polishing, simply peel off the tape and throw it away.

Base coat

For better results and long lasting of the nail polish, apply the base coat as the prime nail polish coat for the nail polishing. Optionally, apply it in 2 layers, the first layer over the entire nail, and the second layer focusing on the tips of the nail.  If you want the color of your nail polish to pop, use the white color as the base.

Nail stickers

Not everyone is equally skilled with a brush and drawing on nails. This is especially difficult if you are right-handed and left-handed need to do manicure on the right and vice versa. So stickers can help you greatly.  You can make your stickers as you draw the pattern on plastic foil, and when dry is simply peel the backing from the foil and stick on nail.

Crescent manicure

Crescent manicure has become a real hit, and the easiest way to do it if you use a trick with a paper sticker. It can be anything circular which you can stick to the root of the nail. Glue it, and apply the other nail polish color on the rest of your nail. After that immediately remove sticker before the lacquer has dried up.

Two-colored tape manicure

Duct tape is another great thing for manicure. Apply the nail polish onto the entire nail. When the nail polish is dry completely, stick the two strips of tape along the top of the nail by creating a V sign. Varnish coat of paint in a different color and immediately remove the tape. It will leave an interesting pattern.