Lose the dark eye bags – permanently

, Lose the dark eye bags – permanently

Dark and expressed circles under the eyes are certainly every woman nightmare. Dark eye bags are often some kind of symptom of allergies, eventual kidney problems or exhaustion, but in some cases are simply genetically inherited. In order to eliminate or reduce these eye bags, you must find out the reason for their appearance. The essential difference is that you have dark circles permanently or have recently appeared on your face.

The main causes of dark circles are:

Bad nutrition

The formation of eye bags is often attributed to a lack of vitamin K, B 12 or antioxidants in the body. Increased salt intake will lead to water retention and slowing circulation and creating dark and swollen bags under the eyes. Little water intake and poor circulation due to lack of physical movement will also contribute to increase of the eye bags and their expressed pigmentation.

Bad habits

Lack of, irregular or poor quality sleep, stress and fatigue tend to lead to reduced circulation and make the skin around the eyes fade, and lead to more visible and pronounced dark eye bags. In combination with nutrition low in vitamins, insufficient sleep disrupts the operation of the adrenal glands, which among other things is responsible for regulating the level of water and minerals in the body.


In addition to overall negative effect on the circulatory system and oxygen supply, nicotine and other compounds in cigarettes affect the color of your blood vessels and make them more visible under the skin.


Allergies, especially the ones related to intake of gluten, are common cause of dark eye bags. Unless you know that you are allergic to a substance, expressed permanent dark eye bags could be the reason for a visit to doctor.  Seasonal allergies to pollen and other similar allergies can be easily solved with use of antihistamines, but food allergies, cosmetic ingredients or chemicals from your home or office; you will have to solve with cooperation your dermatologist. People with allergies often have a deficiency of vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid, essential for metabolic functions and the creation of blood cells, which in the end reflects on your face.

Hereditary factors

Dark eye bags are often hereditary – if most of the women in your family have a problem with pronounced dark eye bags, most of the methods for removing and reducing those expressed dark eye bags will unfortunately only have a short-term effect.

How to get rid of dark eye bags

If the causes of your dark circles are the least two mentioned factors, your dark circles can be alleviated or reduced with a little help of following methods:

Healthy habits

Balance your diet, drink plenty of water, sleep at least seven hours a day, exercise regularly and quit smoking: although this with today’s pace of life seems impossible, we recommend that you change your bad habits. In addition to the fact that you certainly will look nicer, fresher and more rested, you will also extend your life for a few years.

Take care of your skin

Nourish your skin while you sleep: a good quality night cream will moisturize and strengthen thin and delicate skin under the eyes and capillaries will be less visible.

Little tricks will do as well

Regularly treat yourself with a treatment with cold compresses for eyes: lie down and close eyes for ten minutes to put the gel face mask, chilled slices of fresh cucumber, green tea bags or pads soaked in cold water. Tea bags are especially effective, because the tannin in tea reduces the pigmentation and puffiness of the dark eye bags. Please observe that packs are not too cold, because the tiny capillary that are placed around the eyes, which is especially sensitive areas, could eventually crack and in a long term will only make the situation even worse.

Watch out for the sun

Protect the eye area from the sun’s rays using a cream, powder or concealer with SPF protection and for sensitive skin under the eyes tends to produce collagen needed for firmness and elasticity in somewhat smaller quantities.


Use a cream for the eye area, which listed high on the list of ingredients rich in vitamin K and retinol (vitamin A). Vitamin K improves blood flow and helps tighten and strengthen capillaries and Retinol stimulates collagen synthesis and recovery in sensitive skin and prevents dehydration and wrinkles. Additional ingredients such as licorice extract, soy and rice peptides and Koine acid will help in lightening the dark areas.

Make up

If you follow the tips mentioned above but you still have problems with dark eye bags, choose a concealer with yellowish or peachy undertones that will improve the situation. Make up foundation (concealer, powders) with yellow or peachy undertones will help in covering up the violet, blue and slightly brown color circles under the eyes. After applying concealer, fix it a transparent powder.

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