Magic salt sock

Pain in the ear and ear infections are horrible experience, especially for small children. Not only do you have a fever that makes you weak, but you have to deal with the constant pain in your ear. Simple homemade solutions to combat such disasters are very welcome.

This DIY project is very easy and you will only need socks and some salt. This approach is scientifically proven to be functional, so even the skeptics and those who put little trust in alternative medicine should definitely try this magic.

Minerals in salt retain heat, so that in combination with increased temperature can reduce the pain when the body cannot defend itself from infection. You can say to your small patients that you have a magic sock, and add a little magic to your magic salt sock.

Magic salt socks are actually white cotton socks filled with coarse sea salt.

Follow the simple instructions and make sure that the treatment of ear infections in the future will be much easier.

You will need 1 to 1.5 cups of coarse sea salt. Salt granules must be somewhat bigger than plain salt, and the salt must be from the sea salt – common salt is not the same.

Preheat the clean pan, over medium-low temperature for 4-6 minutes and rotate approximately every minute, to be evenly heated. Heat it until the pan becomes evenly warm on its entire frying surface.

1. Take a pan and heat it on the stove on a medium heat.

2. Place the coarse sea salt in a sock and tie a knot on top of the sock so that the salt does not come out.

3. Put a sock with a salt in a pan and heat it. Be careful not to overheat it.The heating usually takes no more than 5-6 minutes.

4. Put a sock on the painful ear and you will feel in relief within a matter of minutes.