Make-up under the glasses

Eyeglasses can be a great fashion accessory and if you choose the shape correctly, you can make it even more attractive. However, the most common problem of women who wear glasses is makeup, considering that eyeglasses alone are attracting attention, often the make-up is not noticed, and the whole face looks unimpressive.

A few of the following tips might help you shine with glasses.

Neat eyebrows

Women who wear glasses cannot afford to neglect the eyebrows and if you have eyeglasses, it is time that tweezers and eyebrow pencil become your best friends. Of course, the shape of the eyebrows needs to be adjusted to the shape of your face, not glasses. When shaping the eyebrows, be careful not to pluck too much, because thin eyebrows do not look good with glasses. You can read How To Shape Your Eyebrows  for additional help with shaping your eyebrows.


Women who wear glasses should use an eyelash curler! Eyelash curler will help your lashes to emphasize your eyes. Curl gives the illusion of happier sight and more awake appearance. Once conditions lashes, to them apply two coats of mascara.

Dark circles under eyes

Dark circles under the eyes, you can hide it by selecting a concealer with a yellow under tone and apply it to problematic parts of the face. In the end add the foundation, in order to equalize the color with the rest of the face. here are also some of the tips on How To Lose The Dark Eye Bags that you can use for help.

Eye Shadow

Do not use the same color of eyeshades shades as is the eyeglasses frame color, because your eyes can appear much smaller than they are. It is best to choose a color shades that are brighter than the frame of your glasses for a few nuances. In this way, your eyes will look brighter and bigger.


Use the Eyeliner to outline the contours of the eye and make them more beautiful and more seductive and under glasses. If you are not skilled in drawing lines, use the one in the form of markers. Draw the line you along the edge of the lashes and one half of the lid.

White pencil and white shadow

To avoid the appearance of worn down and to make your eyes look bigger, apply a white pencil on the lower inner edge of the eyelids and the white or cream shadow in the inner corner of the eyelid (near the root of the nose).

When wearing glasses, note that your glasses are always clean and glass spectacles not stained. Dirt glasses divert attention from the face and make-up, so try to maintain item clean as far as possible. And when choosing eyeglasses, choose the ones that suit your facial features, rather than those that are now in.