, Ombre nails

If you are trying to be „in“and have insanely trendy nails with little effort, you will want to try out this technique. Ombre or gradient is a definite hit on the hair, well, why not apply it on your nails?! All you need is a piece of sponge and several nail polish colors.

This trend is especially good if you cannot decide which color to apply to your nails. If you have doubts between 2 or even 3 nail polish colors, well, use all of the colors and follow these 6 steps Ombre nail tutorial.

1. Prepare your nails
The first steps to get the toppings that you prepare your nails It is good to always prepare before painting, because it helps your nails remain healthy. First, wash your hands, then remove the previous paint and shape the nails so you remove the cuticles and sharpen them. Once you have completed the preparation of the the nails, apply the basic varnish. It gives you a more beautiful base on which other nail polishes will smoothly be applied.

2. Prepare the sponge
Take the sponge makeup or simply cut the piece of clean sponge for the dishes. Dip a sponge into a cup of water before you use it. It will prevent the nail polish does not absorb too quickly in the sponge.

3. Choose two or three colors
It is best to choose some contrasting colors. You can also use similar, but let it be a few shades to get the effect of color gradation. Paint the entire nail with the first one of the selected color and let it dry completely. Note that the first layer should be brightest colors.

4. Apply the color on the nail
Now comes the fun part! Start from the bottom of the nail with the first color. Apply carefully. It follows, applying a different color, and a third. Make sure that the colors overlap slightly, to give a nice flow from one color to another.

5. Apply a transparent nail polish layer
After applying the chosen colors on each finger, finished the painting with colorless varnish. Clear coat will finalize your look by making a beautiful and brilliant glare.

6. Finishing touch
Since the sponge is not the right tool for nail polish, most likely you will have a lot of varnish which is outside of the nail. Use ear swab sticks immersed in acetone to remove nail polish that was applied out of the nails.

, Ombre nails
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, Ombre nails
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