Online accommodation booking tips

, Online accommodation booking tips

Today, travels are mainly organized through the Internet, so that the accommodation is additionally usually booked through the Internet. Since the whole process at first might seem to be complicated, we present you few guidelines in which we will clarify the most common misunderstandings of online accommodation booking.

Carefully read the critics

Carefully read the critics of the guests that have previously stayed in the hotel you are thinking to stay in. You probably want to hear first hand impressions and honest opinion about the (non) satisfaction of the given hotel. Critics are often more important than number of hotel stars.

Read the hotel services options

Read what the hotel offers in order to avoid eventual disappointment when coming to your destination. If you’re a fan of the pool, or perhaps wellness and spa center, make sure the hotel offers such services.

Note the location of the hotel

Hotel location is very important when going abroad, especially when it comes to some bigger cities. In order to avoid losing precious time on wandering around the city and driving with public transport, try to find a hotel close to your interest items/locations/monuments.

Use the filters

Many booking sites offer the ability to filter your preferences, such as price, distance, and even tiny details that you provide information about pets or something similar. Choosing the right filters will certainly speed up the process of your bookings and result in a selecting the right hotel.

Choose the right type of room

Bear in mind that hotels offers several types of accommodation such as single rooms, double rooms, suite, royal suite…. If you are traveling alone, surely the single room would be your options, in case you are traveling in pairs, previously inquire the numbers of bed room or the type of beds.

Check what is included in the price

Each hotel and booking site has a different payment policy. It is certainly worth to previously check whether the facilities such as breakfast, use of the wellness center or tourist tax are included in the price.

Do not look only at the stars

Number of the hotel stars should not be a key factor when booking the accommodation. Reputation hotel and criticism of satisfied guests are sure to better mirror the quality and service that the hotel provides than the stars.

Compare different booking sites

Hotel prices can change depending on the offers of booking sites. When booking the hotel, we advise you to check for more options at the same time. The hotel search engines can help you compare prices across multiple booking sites and help you find your ideal accommodation.

Watch the calendar

Sometimes adjusting the date, if only for one day, can result in a much lower price. Carefully check if at the desired you have planned to go is overlapping with period of certain festivals, conference or an important event that can result in somewhat bigger room price than you would pay in normal circumstances. In addition, bear in mind that the hotel accommodation is lot more expensive in the high season.

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