Protect yourself from lightning and thunder

, Protect yourself from lightning and thunder

When it comes to bad weather, spring and fall are known to have frequent rains. These rainy days are connected with frequent thunders, so it is not bad to know some interesting things that can protect you and your assets from lightning.

Contrary to the common belief, lightning can strike one place for several times. Moreover, according to statistics, lightning kills more people a year than tornadoes or hurricanes. Lightning is, as far as weather conditions, and the only thing that takes more human lives is flood.

Indoor safety

During the lightning and thunders, the safest place is to be as closes to the house, but that does not mean that we should exclude additional precautions. For example, in the case that thunder struck the house, the thunder will most likely travel through electrical installations to the ground. It is therefore advised not to phone, stay away from running water, or simply do not use any electric appliances.

Turn off all electrical appliances from the power supply (computer, satellite television, hair dryer, water heater, battery chargers for mobile phones, TVs …) Voltage which ejects this phenomenon can damage the electronics even if the residential area is not directly struck by lightning. It is recommended to turn off the electronics before the storm, because if you do this when it starts, you risk the chances of pulling the cords at the time of the lightning strike.

Outdoor safety

If you are at sea, it is better to go find shelter because the protruding object is something that attracts lightning. If you are under the highest tree, is not good. Better options are to get wet or hide below the smallest tree.

If you feel your body tingling pass or your hair bristled, it is very likely that you are about to get struck by lightning. If you cannot leave an open area, crouch and lower the heat, cover your ears to protect eardrums. And use any disposable items such as a rope or jacket, use them to cover your head.

If you find yourself in the open, it would be best if elected lowest places and valleys with no water.

If, however, during a lightning storm, find yourself in the car, and stay in it.The cars are fully protected against lightning strikes.

The car forms, so-called Faraday cage, which means that you are protected from electricity. Thunder has no reason to hit the object that is not connected to the ground because it cannot pass through to the ground.


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