Refresh yourself in a car without air conditioner

, Refresh yourself in a car without air conditioner

There are few things that can compare with the discomfort of travel in a car that does not have air conditioning during the summer period. Although there is no quick way that you can defeat the heat, there are a few tricks that you can greatly ease the trip for hot days.

  • Put the damp cloth over the fan in the cabin. The air flowing through the fan will be much fresher. It is necessary to provide few of those damp patches because they dry quickly. The best would be that one of the passengers is responsible for replacing and moistening the new patches.
  • Drive with slightly wet hair. With the evaporation of moisture, your scalp will be cooled and will lower the temperature of the entire body.
  • Take some ice while traveling. Place a few ice cubes on the floor under the exhaust fan. To avoid leaks, it would be best to put ice in plastic boxes. By opening the window will improve the circulation of cold air.
  • Use a plastic bottle as packaging for ice. Wrap a towel around the bottle and use it as a backend for the head. When the ice melts, you will have a bottle full of cold water.
  • Plan your trip so that you travel during the cooler part of the day. Early morning is usually the coldest part of the day so if you are not conditioned by the schedule, it is always better to travel before the heat becomes unbearable.
  • Open the windows. This may seem like an obvious way to reduce the temperature in the car but most people avoid opening the windows because of the noise and the smell. If you open the sunroof or windows in the rear doors, you will greatly improve air circulation.
  • Wear as little clothing on. If you have a long time to drive to school or work you may want to wear shorts and a T-shirt. You can change into a uniform in the bathroom or locker at work or at school. This will keep you refreshed throughout the day. It is desirable to always carry a change of clothes
, Refresh yourself in a car without air conditioner
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, Refresh yourself in a car without air conditioner
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