Royalty Free Stock Images – How to download?

royalty free images stock

If you are constatly on a search for the images, vectors or footage, you must have seen the term “royalty-free”. Does Royalty Free Stock Images means same as free of charge? No, these two terms don’t have the same meaning.

Overview of Royalties

A royalty is the fee paid to the author or creator of the work every time that work he created is used or sold.
For example, every author or creator usually earns a percentage of the cost of every sold book that he wrote. If you are using a copyrighted images, pictures or videos for your website or ad campaign, you are obliged to pay a small ammount of money to the autor of it. Usually, this fee comes as a royalty

With the easy availability of images, videos, and artwork on the internet, it can be tempting to consider using copyrighted content without any sort of license. However, it’s actually illegal and risky. Using content without permission constitutes copyright infringement and can lead to lawsuits and fines. It also robs artists and creators of fair compensation. 

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Benefits of Royalty-Free Stock Images

After paying a fee for downloading a photo or other material on stock websites, you are usually free to use that photo as many times as needed, if you are buying royalty free stock images.
Just be sure to read the description and information following the images to be sure to pay a single fee.

Costs Associated With Royalty-Free Images

If you are planning to buy more and more images, and you are often in need for royalte free stock images, you should consider paying a package or subscription that includes downloading those images. It should cost you less than buying every single photo and images and paying a single feee every time.

10 sites for Royalty free images stock:

  1. Unsplash
  2. Gratisography
  3. Morguefile
  4. Pixabay
  5. Stockvault
  6. Pexels
  7. Picjumbo
  8. Pikwizard
  9. Rawpixel
  10. Reshot

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Royalty Free Stock Images, Royalty Free Stock Images – How to download?
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