Simple tricks that can really improve your mood

We all certainly want to always be in a good mood. The good mood increases our productivity, gives us genuine balance that certainly contributes to our mental and physical health. Although your mood is often affected directly by various circumstances like stress, divorce, illness or problems at work, there are little tricks that you can fix yourself a day. If you do want to simply improve your mood, here are little hacks that can help you to achieve that goal.

Walk upright

Certain studies have shown that participants who were asked to walk hunched very quickly developed the decrease of positive mood. So, throw your shoulders backwards and hold it upright when walking and sitting. It is not said in vain “Heads up!”

No photo, please

Do not just take pictures of everything and everything you see. There is no need to be the queen of the social networks in order to feel fantastic. It turns out that photography really disturbs the memory of an experience, and prevents you from truly enjoying the moment. In addition, concerning about whether the photo will look perfect is an additional mini-stress for you, and you do want to avoid every stress, even the one caused by photos.



It has been shown that in people who do exercise at least three times a week have been able to decrease the level of stress up to 20%. Be active in any way, you will feel much better.

Do not delay

Delaying your obligations brings only temporary relief, but what it does is actually increases stress level. Let the first thing you have to solve in the morning to be the biggest or the most serious task you have for the day.  It will be a wonderful to spend rest of the day carelessly. That would certainly improve your day.

“Me” time

Have time for yourself. If you are never alone, but always worried about children and other family members, it is difficult to find any time to take care of yourself. Find time so you can be alone and fully dedicate to the most important person in your life-yourself.


Communicate and interact with other people. Do have in mind that people who live in their own, closed world do not have with whom to share their feelings and thoughts. Leave aside the mobile phone and computer and get out into the world to meet up with friends and just hang out and relax.