Skills that are cherished in the business world

In today’s business environment is not enough to possess merely professional knowledge and skills. Employers expect additional competencies, such as, for example, transversal skills. Even if you have not already heard of them, is certain that you possess some. These skills are applicable to any business. In this group we imply personal qualities and attitudes that help you do well with others and get a positive impact on the organization to which you belong.

Communication is the most desirable of all additional skills. Cooperation with colleagues, listening and comprehension of instruction and pointing out errors without anger – these are all virtues that are must. Quick-change and adapting to the style and tone of communication with interlocutor may be the key for reaching an agreement or convincing customers to buy a product.

Decision-making is also one of the skills that are highly appreciated in the business world. Its aspects are collecting important information’s, seeking advices, the ability to see the whole picture, awareness of the consequences of a decision – all these are parameters that lead to making good decisions.
Dedication might be perceived not as a skill, but as a character notion, but believe it or not, this is a skill that takes time and practicing to make into perfection.  Every employer likes to see in his team reliable, enthusiastic and valuable associates. Such people need very little supervision or additional motives.

Flexibility and time management often implies getting out of the comfort zone and having the attitude that everything is possible is a virtue which is highly appreciated in every manager or employer. In combination with effective prioritization and making sense of that with a bit of labor can be achieved maximum effect, it is not impossible to comply with seemingly unrealistic deadlines. So called “multitasking” or executing various projects at the same time is very welcomed skill.

Leadership and problem solving are skills that go hand in hand. Inspiring others by example is not only managers characteristic but also employees. A good leader knows when to perform a task, and when to submit the initiative. When the time comes for the initiative, then the creativity and problem solving skills come to the fore.

Being a team player and working under stress are also very welcomed skills. Knowledge and talent of individuals do not contribute much when the task should be made in a team of associates. Skills of team playing imply the openness and willingness to work in a team in order to complete the task as quickest and most efficient as possible.