Soap bubble painting

, Soap bubble painting

Soap bubble painting

If you are in the mood for creating some art and having a blast with your children, an awesome idea is to make a soap bubble painting. Besides enjoying some quality time with your children, you will have a cool and unique painting on your wall.

Materials needed:

  • cup of yogurt
  • deeper plastic or aluminum plate
  • tempera (1-2 tablespoons) edible color
  • dishwashing liquid (1 tablespoon)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • long straws
  • a bit rough paper (for watercolor painting)



1. Protect your desktop and clothing as you will make a mess with this “art”. But, and that’s part of the fun.

2.  In a glass of yogurt put tempera, and then the other ingredients, making sure not to overdo it with the amount of paint it will be more difficult to create bubbles. In the case that this happens, just add detergent and water. Mix well.

3. Fill the liquid into the saucer. The picture will be more interesting if you use more plates with different colors.

4. Place the straw into the liquid and slowly blow to create bubbles. Blow until you form high layers of bubbles.

5. Gently put the paper on top of the bubbles, and keep it short, until a few bubbles burst and leave a mark on the paper.

6. Repeat this procedure with the other colors, and combine them to the desired image.

7. Allow the paper to dry, and then you can use it to create various decorations and greeting cards

, Soap bubble painting
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, Soap bubble painting
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