Sodium bicarbonate – all the wonders of the simple ingredient

, Sodium bicarbonate – all the wonders of the simple ingredient

Sodium bicarbonate is widely used. It can be used in cooking, cleaning, heal some diseases, is used in cosmetics … It is not toxic, inexpensive and is often used by people who have allergic reactions to cleaning products. Here are some tips where and how to use it.


Your refrigerator will shine again if you clean it with a damp cloth and sodium. After that, simply rinse the refrigerator with clear water. You can also use sodium bicarbonate to remove odors from the refrigerator. Simply put it in a bowl and refrigerate. The sodium will „pick the” odors and you only have to replace the sodium every two months and occasionally stir it.

  • Sodium will have the same effect on the trash can if you sip it in a trash can and leave it overnight. The next morning simply throw out the sodium and place the new garbage bag.
  •  Baking soda will help you if have the problem of clogged drains.  Pour about a hundred grams of sodium down the drain and pour half a liter of boiling water. You will achieve extra results if you sip a little vinegar over the sodium.
  •  All kitchen surfaces can be cleaned easily if you apply a baking soda on a damp cloth and clean the dirty surface.
  •  You can also use it for washing dishes; especially if you have any allergic reactions to chemical detergents. Simply add the sodium into the water.
  •  Plastic food containers tend to pick up some scents. They will be easily removed with the help of baking soda.
  • You can also clean baked stains and odors in the oven with the lithe help of baking soda. Pour soda and a little water and leave overnight.
  •  Baking soda will clean your silver tableware and jewelry. Make a paste of water and baking soda and lubricate each subject. Rinse with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth.
  •  Agora pots can be cleaned so that the bottom put a soda and then pouring boiling water. Let stand overnight


  • Brushes and combs can easily be cleaned in a solution of soda and water.
  •  Make a paste and clean scale deposits on the surfaces. Leave on for some time and periodically check if the scale deposits have softened, and for better effect you can combine and vinegar in the paste.
  • Replace half of laundry powder in a washer with the baking soda. Besides savings on the powder, sodium will do miracles in removing stains. For stubborn stains on clothes, apply the paste to the stain and leave for a while before washing. Place the clothes into the washing machine and wash as usual.
  •  If you need to bleach piece of clothing, soda will improve the performance of bleach if you add two tablespoons of sodium into the bleach.

Cosmetics and treatment

  • you will probably want to have some sodium during the summer months when the mosquito bites are very common. Apply the paste of sodium and water on blisters from bites in order to reduce the itching and pain.
  • Sodium bicarbonate will help in the healing of burns. Put a little on a damp cloth and place it directly at the burn.
  •  If you want to whiten your teeth a little, mix one teaspoon of baking soda, a little salt and a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Brush your teeth with this solution, and then with an ordinary toothpaste. Do not do this more than once a week.
  • For fresh breath rinse the throat with half a glass of water and a pinch of sodium.
  •  You can also use it as a deodorant. Just apply a little on the skin and leave it.

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