The best advices for a prom night

You have been waiting for this special evening for 4 full years, and it is finally here. In order for it to be the perfect one, here are some simple “girly” tips and advices.

  • If you gave never before the prom used false eyelashes, that specific occasion might not be the best for experimentation. You certainly do not want to experience fallen eyelashes in the middle of the special evening. If you do decide to try with false lashes, leave it to the professional.
  • If you decide to wear a long dress, think well about the shoes you were planning to wear that night. Take in the consideration that you will probably change from high heels to flats, so while buying the long dress, take into consideration that its length is not too big, you do not trip over it while you are in the flats. If you are sure that you will spent all evening in high heels, then adjust the dresses length to height of your heels, but if you plan to spend the night in ballet shoes, be sure to shorten the dress so you do not trip over it during the evening.
  • Cleaning the face or your back (if you have a dress with opened back) must be done at least 5-6 days before the prom. After cleansing of your face, your skin will most likely be irritated and red, and I’m sure you do not want to go like that to the prom. The skin needs a few days to recover and for redness and irritation to completely go away; therefore think about cleaning treatments on time.
  • It is important to order on time the treatments in beauty salons and hairdressers.
  • If you are going to make up at a beauty salon, it would be a smart idea to make a trial of the makeup before prom. In that way you will get clearer picture on what you want and what not.
  • Choose a dress that you like and in which you feel nice and comfortable in. Do not let someone else choose the dress for you. After all, you will be wearing it, and the dress that you do not like or do not feel comfortable in, could potentially ruin your evening.
  • Make sure to buy shoes that are comfortable. Do not buy shoes just because you like them, and you are sure that you will be able to wear them all night. Also, once you have bought the shoes, make sure to take a little walk in them before the prom, just to adjust them to your feet.
  • Always start by first buying a dress, and the shoes can be easily adapted to the dress.
  • If you’ve never been tanning, and wanted to tan before the prom, go as soon as possible to see how you will the skin react to tanning.
  • Have fun!  Do not let anyone spoil the party and be beautiful and happy!