The best conference calls services

There is hardly any serious entrepreneurship without a need for a conference call. We present you one of the top services that offer conference calls at its best and clearest form.


The FreeConferencePro provides free services of teleconference. The service is extremely reliable, offers good conference quality. The service offers including great number of participants into the conversation (up to 1000 participants). The simplicity of using the service is an excellent addition to the service. Along with high quality of sound and resolution and high quality equipment, the FreeConferencePro offers additional service of unlimited sharing of the contents in real time. A neat edition to the mention characteristics is voice mail and use voice messaging, applications for mobile phones and international conferences in more than 15 countries. Also, one cute feature is that the company provides you a free custom greeting, so when the potential clients make a connection to you via conference call, instead of generic message, they will hear the name of the company. The FreeConferencePro is based on VoIP technology. 

Another excellent conference call service is provided by by famous platform LogMeIn. provides combination of quality, simplicity and elegance which you could hardly resist. provides its service even for those that do not have account on their page nor do they have adequate programs. Rather than focusing on making the conference call as better as possible, you should leave that to professional team, and you can focus on the materials that are important to you. The service offers high audio and video quality, has multi-monitor function, recording option, and a chat, along with a mentioned cleaned and simple user interface.


GoToMeeting is also an excellent conference call provider, if you do want to make a professional image to your future partners. The platform allows you to make conference call for 100 participants in one call. The main characteristic why we recommend this device is the simplicity of users’ interface which is always a good thing. High quality of video and audio, as well as real time sharing do make his platform your perfect business battlefield. The GoToMeeting offers free mobile apps, one-click recording, group and private chat and detailed report of the conference call. The basic services are free, but the upgrades are available at reasonable cost.


You do not even need to create an account to begin with Rondee e-mail address, and Rondee will issue a dial-in number to your request and additional access code this. Ova service is available 24/7 and supports calls to 50 participants with no limitation time. Making a free account gives you the opportunity to record and download audio from your call, set up email scheduling with RSVP and automatic reminders, and activate the “listen only” access codes for some participants you choose.  Rondee scheduling system is what sets this service apart and gives it somewhat less priority when compared to other services.