Things to have in mind while decorating children’s room

Children need their own space where they can play, learn, relax and “escape” from adults. Therefore, if possible, give them a special room made exclusively for them. Before you go into making and equipping children’s room, make sure you have done the planning of the children’s room in accordance with certain rules, because children’s room “grows” with the kids and their changes. Be prepared for the refurbishment and redeployment of rooms every few years as a child (or children) grow up. When decorating children’s rooms pay attention to three things:

Security (sharp edges, electricity, guard rails …)

Convenience (bunk bed, shelves and drawers in unused parts of the room …)

Curiosity (decorate the room so that children is interesting and pleasant place to stay in)

Children’s room should have three areas: sleeping area, learning area and playing area. As the children grows very fast so do their needs. Keep this in mind and anticipate the needs of a particular child and leave space for later changes. If the room is small or if it is designed for two or more children, lack of space can eventually be solved by using bunk beds. In addition to saving precious space in the room, you have brought your children additionally joy because children do adore this kind of beds and often use them for playing.

For additional space-saving, try using folding chairs, and fill the room with the shelves or cabinets with drawers so that children have the place to restore their most valuable treasure in order to clean up their “empire”. If several children share a room in with enough space, you can line the beddings parallel to one another with a minimum gap of 60 cm between them, or form the letter „L“.

The cabinet is an indispensable piece of furniture children’s room, and make sure to have one closet especially for children’s clothes. Working desk should have enough daylight to the left side (or right if the child is left-handed). Buy an appropriate desk lamp for the working desk. Do not place the bed along or under the window for safety and health reasons. Also the bed should not be placed next to a radiator or other heating source.

The walls paint and the furniture should be in cheerful colors, but be careful not to overdo it. If the children are older (over 10 years) allow them to stick posters on the walls of their favorite characters, and smaller children set cartoon characters. Wallpaper is the best solution for such opportunities, because they can easily and quickly be installed and removed.

The smaller the children are, the more time they are spending on the room’s floor so if you have small children make sure o have a carpet in their room.

And finally, in arranging children’s room turn and only child or children as though it’s their room where they will spend most of the time so the order and to decide (within certain limits) of how they will look like room. Smaller children are staying longer on the room floor so if you have small children make sure to put a carpet or rug in their room.

And finally, in arranging and decorating children’s room, do include the children. After all, it’s their room where they will spend most of the time so let them be a part of decorating their own private corner.