Why is SPAMfighter the Best Free Spam Blocker?

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Community-based spam filtering uses the power of thousands of users to fight the spam mails. When enough community members mark a message as spam, nobody else in the community has to look at that same junk mail. SPAMfighter implements this technique effectively.

SPAMfighter is also powered by a community of over 8 million users and allows you to contribute to the war against spam. When several people report the same spam mail, it is automatically blocked for the rest of the SPAMfighter community. SPAMfighter supports Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Live Mail (POP3), and Mozilla Thunderbird.

What is SPAM fighter?

SPAMfighter is a spam blocker which user control is superior to other spam blockers available on the market. This spam blocker comes with multiple features that set it apart from other spam blockers.

SPAMfighter handles the user’s ability to manage and create black and white lists differently from other spam blockers. In most instances, the spam blocker‘s whitelist consists of a user’s known contacts such as family, friends, coworkers and other legitimate email addresses. The spam blocker software always allows email messages from whitelisted senders. Alternately, the spam blocker software always blocks email messages from spam senders entered into the spam blocker’s blacklist.

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Spam is everywhere.


Users of other spam blocker can create their own whitelist; however, they are dependent on the spam filter software’s community-based external blacklist. SPAMfighter users can enhance the protection provided by the community blacklist through the creation of personal local exceptions.

What is also attractive for average used is that the installation of the SPAMfighter is simple and performed with no difficulty. Once the installation is complete, the user must create a new user account to join the SPAMfighter community. To join, users must provide a valid email address and password.

How does it affect my email client?

What is most important is that this spam blocker does not slow down your email client or the computer system. It also integrates seamlessly with existing installation of Microsoft Outlook. SPAMfighter automatically searches for the server settings of your existing email client, so the found information included the incoming and outgoing SMPT server as well as the account username and password. More importantly, the spam blocker software imported the list of safe email senders from the email client’s contacts. This process added all of previously approved email senders to the spam blocker software’s whitelist.

The spam blocker SPAMfighter has well-designed user interface that has a plug-in toolbar for Microsoft Outlook. The SPAMfighter toolbar plug-in is intuitive to use and navigates with ease. Within the integrated toolbar of this spam blocker, you also get a statistics button. Users can get information about the instances of blocked spam on the local computer, within the SPAMfighter’s global community and overall communication statistics. This feature of the spam blocker software informs the user about how much spam the app has prevented.

How to remove SPAMfighter?

If you decided you need to remove this spam blocker, the removal is also easy via the Windows Control Panel. Once removed, the Microsoft Outlook toolbar plug-in is gone and the email client reverts to its original functional status.

It has has multi-language capabilities and supports: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Japanese, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Thai, Turkish, and Danish.

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