Be successful at Instagram

It is believed that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in modern media seems that the statement is very correct. This proves the fast growth of social network that gathers 130 million users per month. Getting around on Instagram is very simple and it basically comes down to sharing photo and video content witch with its quality attracts new followers. But how to stand out on that social network and what are some of the advices that might make you more competitive and successful? Here are some tips to help you be noticed and have a successful Instagram profile.

Be active

Publish the Content regularly, two to three photos or videos per week, which of course, all depends on you and the available material. Your followers will appreciate the continuity of posting, and thus new potential members of the community will see that you have an active profile which increases your chances of growth of the community.

Be original

Publish your own and original photos, for it is always the best way to promote the brand, and realize the strategy goals set for the appearance of the brand on Instagram. If you use images that are not original, or do not represent your brand, the community will recognize it and “punish” you with low engagement so that your efforts in performance on this platform will be futile.

Filters are the allies

Carefully select the pictures, and choose the ones that will present in the best way the image you are sharing. This should be done even if it means that you before posting the content on Instagram, you pass through all the filters twice, in order to select the right one. The same goes in deciding whether to use the picture frame or highlight the individual part of content, and make the rest of the image blurred. In short – play with every picture and all the options available on Instagram.

Careful with the description

Write attractive descriptions of the content. But do not overdo with the text, if there is really no need for it. Sometimes the less is more so after a few words that will follow the published content, let the picture or video to “speak” for them.


Use the option of integration of the location in the published content. Your followers and users of the platform will immediately know where the individual content was created, and by clicking on the geo location folder on your profile you will have review the shared photos based on their location.

The power and importance of hash tag

In order to “join” your content to those of all users who communicate about it on Instagram using the relevant hash tag in order to convenience the potential followers to find your content that they might find  interesting and thus become part of your profile on this platform. Also, in this way you can extend the reach of content published. Just remember to be unique, or create your own hashtag appropriate to the brand you represent. And this – their own hashtag – highlight in the description of the profile so that users, if they wish, use it when communicating about the content associated with you.

Communicate with the community

Not just reactively responding to the comments that are left on your content. Be proactive! Also, follow the users who follow you and follow the content that they publish. If this is so from the perspective of the brand, let them know that you like their posts. Search for the hashtags that you use, and use these opportunities to communicate about these matters.