How to Enable Emoji on iOS

Emoji are lovable icons that have become an integral part of communication.

Until iOS 5, you could only access an emoji keyboard by downloading thirdparty apps.
But now, iOS devices now have a built-in keyboard for these illustrated characters. But the downside is that Apple doesn’t show this special keyboard by default.

Follow these easy steps to unlock the emoji keyboard on your iOS devices.

1. Open Settings and tap ‘General.’

Step 1: How to enable emoji on iOS devices

2. Select ‘Keyboard’ and tap on the ‘Keyboards’ submenu.

Step 2: How to enable emoji on iOS devices

After you complete these steps, you will see a list of keyboards that are installed in your phone.

3. Select ‘Add New Keyboard’ to open the list of available keyboards. Choose ‘Emoji.’

To use it, open any app that allows you to type messages, such as iMessage, Mail, Notes or Twitter. When you tap on the text entry field, you’ll see a globe icon to the left of the spacebar key. Select the globe, and emoji keyboard will appear.

Tap the icons along the bottom of the keyboard to switch emoji themes. You’ll see there are additional emoji to choose from if you sweep left or right in each theme.. The first category, marked by a clock symbol, saves the emoji you recently used.

Remember, if your recipient does not have an emojisupported device, then they will see empty symbols.