How to Be a Successful Youtuber

If you want to pursue a career online, preferably on YouTube, but you need some tips on how to maintain a successful channel, then today’s your lucky day.

Stick to your genre. Whether it’s comedy, fashion, beauty, life advice, whatever, just decide and then stick to that and try your best to put that point across.

Have a certain personality. Don’t change who you are because being yourself is always the best way, but maybe just exaggerate in your videos. Especially if it’s comedy. You want your viewers to love you and relate to you.

Have an opening and/or closing line. Most YouTubers have that signature thing that stays with them in the majority of their videos. They usually have a certain intro or outro, and be creative with it!!

Get your videos up on time. If you’re the kind of channel that puts up videos on a certain day, once a week. Make sure to put your video up that day.

Title the video something that will attract viewers. Something that will make people think “Oh that video will probably be pretty good, I should totally go watch it right now.”

Make yourself available on social networks. Put links in the downbar and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and all that good stuff.

Have a good quality camera. When you’re first starting off, you don’t necessarily have to have ALL of the equipment but if your audience starts to broaden then the best things to get is a good camera, preferably a Canon. Then a tripod and maybe some white lights, but natural lighting is good, too. The camera doesn’t have to be really expensive, because it’s not just about the camera, it’s mostly about the lens.

Change your video thumbnail to a picture that’ll also attract viewers. Like edit a picture of you and then put words and clip art on it.

Have fun with it! YouTube is supposed to be fun so be silly, weird, funny, and enjoy it.

Source: WikiHow