How to hack your LCD monitor

, How to hack your LCD monitor

If you have at home or at work the old LCD screen that you do not need, you can make a simple trick that will help you to protect private data on your computer. This hack belongs to the sphere of science fiction and looks too good not to share.

Process of making a private display for your eyes might sound impossible, but it is really simple.


Dismantle the monitor

Take the old LCD that you do not need and disassemble the plastic frame of the monitor with a help of a screwdriver.


Cut a thin polarized film from the monitor

There are usually two coatings of film on LCD monitors. One, polarized film stops unwanted light that reaches our eyes and other one, which is matte that serves as an anti-reflection coating. We need the polarized one.


Clean the display from the exessive glue

Any solvent will be useful, including water.


Compose monitor

When lit, the monitor screen without polarizing film is white and it is nothing to be seen. Unless you cover the monitor with the film that you have removed. Than you have the entire image back on the monitor.


Make glasses

Remove the glass from the glasses (the best 3D glasses from the cinema or hipster glasses without glass), cut the foil in the form of glasses and that’s it!


, How to hack your LCD monitor
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, How to hack your LCD monitor
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