How to improve your digestion

, How to improve your digestion

Digestion is a part of health that has been neglected, despite the fact that so many people suffer from flatulence, disturbances in digestion, improper absorption of nutrients and similar symptoms. These problems are usually solved with diets and fast drinks, but in fact it is necessary to find the root of the problems. We present you some ideas and tips for lifestyle modification in order to significantly improve you digestion.

Some of the main causes of digestive problems are

Relaxing problems – If you are not relaxed, the body will not be able to digest food properly, and you will be found in serious trouble.

Insufficient chewing – Another key culprit for bad indigestion is that you seem eat too fast, not chew enough

Processing food – not only processed foods can cause problems, but to avoid and neglect of natural foods in the diet to improve the genuine digestion.

The combination of large and small meals

Sometimes you seem to eat something light and that it is OK even though you do not feel hunger. For those who have been for years on a diet and have 5-6 small meals a day, every time they found to have problems with digestion. So you have a great meal from time to time is desirable. It is recommended to have several larger meals week that will not only get rid of digestive problems, but will speed up the metabolism and boost hormone for burning fat. For this meal you can have almost anything, a condition that is a lot of calories, but not to be fried for that type of food is hell for the digestive system. It can be a home-cooked meal or a specialty in a restaurant and they only eat when you are hungry.


Nature mother made sure to give us a few natural aids for our better digestion. The most commonly used remedies are:

Mustard – This includes things such as chicory, bitter lettuce, olives, apple cider and some bitter herbal tincture. These compositions can be used immediately before meals as enhance production of digestive juices, bile, and relaxes the enzymes of the liver and gallbladder, which assist the breakdown of fats and proteins. Regular consumption of these products can have a huge impact when it comes to improving digestion.

Herbs – again, nature is the one who gave lots of herbs that can facilitate and regulate the digestion. Some of these are mint and fennel, which are excellent in the form of tea after a meal and have effect as a mitigation of the GI tract. Also, do not forget the plants in the form of food additives such as rosemary and thyme. Ginger is also an herb that improves digestion, stomach heated during winter days. All plants help digestion in some way, and that is why the herbs and spices used in cooking over the years, and also improve and make the food taste even better.

Relaxing before the meal

Eating on the go and speed eating are the two key factors which cause the most damage to the digestion. It is important, not only to chew food well, but that generally slow down activities before eating.

Chew – This is not very easy to remember, but if you consciously make an effort to do it for a couple of meals then this will become a habit. This reduces the burden on the digestive system, helping the absorption of nutrients, and the breakdown of food.

Relax -If you can afford 5-10 minutes after a meal, do sit or lie down and breathe deeply. This will help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, thus starting the process of digestion which in some people who eat on the go often do not start.

Do not hunch – For digestive system is very important for you to improve your posture, to you sit at the table and doing a lot. In this way the digestive system gives space to function, because bad posture leads to anxiety in the stomach and indigestion.

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