How to make a screenshot on your Android Smartphones

There are numerous occasions when you want to share with others what is happening on the screen of your Android device. In such situations, you’ll want to capture a screenshot, which is nothing more than a photo of something that is currently displayed on your Android screen. Programmers that are developing applications are using a lot of screenshots to document the apps they are developing. Writers use screenshots to post their online posts. Some gamers use screenshots to show how many levels have they passed in certain games. So, you will agree, there are different reasons for the existence of screenshots.

If you have Android and still do not know how to take a screenshot, just follow our guidance.

Screenshots usually involves applying pressure on two keys to your Android device – the combination of decrease the volume and power key, or the Home and the power key. When you press the right combination, your display will flash, usually with the sound of the camera shutter. Sometimes a pop-up message appears or certain notice that the screenshot had been made.

The other way of taking a screenshot is by finding screenshot option in the Power menu. Simply hold the power button down longer, wait for the menu to appear “Capture screenshots”, select it and record the current content on the screen.

Android devices manufacturers include a variety of additional shooting modes of screenshots on your device. For example, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 can capture screenshots with a pen. On majority of Samsung smart phones, the display screen can be recorded by simple crossing with the palm across the screen.

Screenshots on Samsung devices

With most advanced Samsung appliances have physical Home button, and so you can use the Home + Power combination to capture screenshots. Press both keys simultaneously until the edge of the screen flashes, and you hear the sound of the shutter of the camera. You will also receive a notification on the screen to confirm that the screenshot was taken.

Some Samsung devices don’t have built-in physical Home button. In this case, capturing screenshots is performed by combining the volume down key and the power button. Hold both buttons until the edge of the screen flashes, and you hear the sound of the shutter of the camera.

Screenshooting on HTC

On HTC devices, screen shooting is performed by a combination of keys Home and Power. Hold the power button and then quickly click on the Home button. The screen will flash and you will hear an audio confirmation that the screenshots taken. You will see a pop-up message confirming that your phone had bet photographed.

Screenshooting on Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia capture screenshots is performed by combining the volume down and the power key. Hold both keys simultaneously until the screen flashes, and thumbnail screenshot will appear on the screen. This is followed by a notification that the screenshots taken. You can also use alternative method. Hold the power button until a menu appears, then select Take Screenshot option.

Screenshooting on LG smart phones

If you have LG smartphone, take screenshooting by combining once again, volume down and power button, until you hear the camera snapshot. Alternatively, you can capture screen using the Quick Memo, where you can immediately add your own drawings on the recorded screenshots. After “processing” do not forget to record your clip by clicking on the floppy disk icon.