How to protect your hair during the winter

Winter months are not the happiest time for your hair. In closed spaces central heating dries hair and the hurt outside the hair is damaged by excessive cold. Therefore it needs a bit more care than usually.

Try these 6 advices:

1. Wear a hat or any other head covering in order to protect hair and scalp. You will keep your hair from wind, snow and cold, and will keep your health. However, many women avoid headgear because they ‘spoil your hair’, greases it or entangles it.

2. Here is a little retro advice that can help you.  Wrap your hair in a scarf, and only after that put on a hat.This will help your hair from greasing and tangeling your hair.

3. Apply your favorite conditioner during the winter months to more generously and more often than usual.

4.  Hair should be washed less frequently in winter than in summer, no more than three times a week, in order to it protects it from excessive drying. By the way, do listen to mothers and grandmothers advice, and never, ever, go outside with wet hair. Cold is detrimental to the hair and if it wet, it is more vunerable to break and damage.

5. Cut your hair and trim the ends regularly. This is not overly „winter“ advice, just do it a little more often during this period.

6.Humidifier is beneficial for the hair, so if you can afford it, definitely get one. This little machine will do wonders for the mischievous hair on your head which due to the dry air  go totally crazy and are sticking uncontrollably.