How to react in case of heat stroke

, How to react in case of heat stroke

Heat stroke is a serious condition that occurs when a person is overheated in hot environments. There is disorder of the regulation of body temperature and the body can not lower your body temperature. Some diseases can reduce the ability to sweat and therefore increase the risk of heat stroke.


–          Headache and dizziness

–          Lack of orientation and confusion

–          Hot, red and dry skin

–          Rapid and intermittent pulse

–          Loss of consciousness

–          Temperature over 40 ° C

It is necessary to:

–          To lay person to a cool place and take off her clothes. Put curly towel or pillow under the head

–          Call Emergency 911

–          Reduce fever sweeping person with cold or lukewarm water. Leave a skin moist to dry in air.

–          Cool person manually (newspaper, fan) until the temperature drops to 38 ° C

–          When the temperature drops, wet stuff to replace with dry and control temperature to the hospital or the arrival of ambulance


If a person becomes unconscious, check breathing:

–          person breathes – put it on its side

–          person is not breathing – start procedure of resuscitation and call an ambulance on 911

, How to react in case of heat stroke
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, How to react in case of heat stroke
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