How to quit smoking

If you are a passionate smoker, but yet are seriously thinking of trying to stop with this bad habit, bear in mind few beneficial facts that are happening once you have determined to stop smoking.

• After 20 minutes: reduction of heart rate and blood pressure
• After 12 hours: Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal
• After 2 to 12 weeks: improve in blood circulation and increase of the function of the lungs
• After 1-9 months: reduced cough and shortness of breath
• After 1 year: the risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker
• After five years: reducing the risk of stroke
• After 10 years: Risk of lung cancer is reduced in half (smokers risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, uterus, pancreas)
• After 15 years: Risk of coronary heart disease is the same as in people who have never smoked

If these information seem to be the reason enough to stop smoking, now is the time to start your fight against the bad habits.

1. When you feel a strong urge to smoke, note how long these strong urges last. Nicotinic crisis are coming in ‘waves’, and last about three minutes. You will be much easier when you know that this wave will soon go away.
2. Always have hard candy. Sugar helps in suppressing the desire for a cigarette, but do not overdo it, and you can combine with the sweets without sugar. And a glass of cold water can reduce cigarette cravings.
3. Walks and exercise are perfect in the fight against smoking. The body will thus quickly overcome nicotine crisis.
4. If you feel a strong desire for a cigarette, treat yourself with a pleasant bath with essential oils such as lavender or jasmine or a warm shower. It will calm you down and relax.
5. Nicotine chewing gum also helps in overcoming the nicotine crisis, especially in the first abstinence days.
6. The moment you feel the crisis, brush your teeth. Mint will instantly reduce your cravings for a cigarette.
7. Replace coffee for tea because tein, the ingredient of tea, has a similar effect on your organism as caffeine.
8. Try chewing mint gums or cinnamon sticks. It also helps in controlling the desire to smoke.
9. Prepare the body to stop smoking and drink multivitamins and eat lots of fruit. Also half-ounce of apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 dl water beverage can reduce the desire for a cigarette.
There are various ways that can help you in quitting, like are hypnosis, acupuncture, filters, cold laser therapy, smoking barriers, herbal cigarettes and accessories, medicines but none of this will help if you do not have the will to deal with this.