6 Exercises You Can Do In Your Car And Make The Most Out Of Traffic Jams

Sitting for a long period of time can be very problematic for human body, so whether you’re sitting at a desk, watching TV or driving your car, you are in a position that is not natural for your body and therefore has a negative impact on it.

Sitting primarily causes problems related to the spinal cord, but also many other disorders and diseases such as problems with digestive organs, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, increased cholesterol and fat deposits etc.

Due to this, each break from sitting should be used to stimulate blood circulation and activate your muscles and body in general. So, when you’re sitting in the car stuck in a traffic jam, you can use this period of time to do exercises which are beneficial for your back (spine), neck and arms.

Spine exercises

Exercise 1: Start from the normal sitting position in the car, slowly move the upper part of the abdomen forward, forming an arch behind. Wait for five seconds, and then slowly cleave back against the seat back. Repeat the exercise several times. This will help you mobilize your back, especially if you find it difficult to sit longer because of stiffness or pain in the back.

Exercise 2: Sit upright with your back in a small harbor. Exhale and squeeze the abdominal muscles (pulling them towards the spine), while maintaining the back straight. Focus on normal breathing while maintaining muscles tight. Hold your breath for five seconds and relax. Repeat the exercise several times.

Exercise 3: While sitting upright, rotate the upper half of the body to one side. Stay in this position for five seconds, and then turn, and repeat the exercise in the other way.

Hands exercises

You can do standard push-ups, relying on the steering wheel. Hold the steering wheel at 10-and-2 spot, and perform push-ups by moving the chest and head together, with the movement of the elbow. Squeeze the shoulder blades when you get close to the steering wheel. Slowly relax them, go back and repeat this exercise several times. This will help you reduce tension in your shoulders and arms.

Neck exercises

Exercise 1: Turn your head to one side; hold it for about five seconds and then return to starting position. Repeat the exercise five times and do the same exercises, but this time turn your head the other way.

Exercise 2: Sit up straight, look forward and tilt your head to the left shoulder all the way down, until your ear touches the shoulder or gets as close as possible to it. You should feel the opposite side of your neck stretching. Hold this position for five seconds, and then return the head to its normal position and take five seconds to relax. Repeat the exercise, inclining your head to the other side.

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