10 golden rules of tanning

, 10 golden rules of tanning

You’re probably aware of the disadvantages of the solarium, but this time we will not talk about them.  If despite all the health risks you still do not want to give up visits to the solarium, we bring you a few rules that would be useful to follow.

1. Before the tanning treatment you need to determine your skin type on the basis of the table. The salon owner will determine the length of the treatment according to the type of tanning lamps which are installed in a solarium.

2. Persons under 18 years of age and those with skin type 1 are not recommended indoor tanning.

3. If you have any problems with the skin, contact your doctor for advice if it is a smart idea to visit solarium. If you have problems with acne or psoriasis, indoor tanning can give positive effects.

4. If your skin is allergic to UV radiation we recommend careful and gradual solarium sessions. After the first tanning always make one day break, and then continue with daily treatments. Always take the short the time of tanning in the early stages, and prolong it  gradually if during sunbath you notice tensing and tingling on your skin, immediately stop with the treatment. If this happens again in the next treatment, do not continue with the program of tanning and contact your doctor.

5. Remove all cosmetics, makeup and jewelry for several hours before using solariums.

6. Some drugs may be contraindicated to UV radiation. Read it if you are taking medicines or ask your doctor for advice. Persons under the influence of drugs and alcohol should not use the solarium

7. When you are tanning, make sure to wear protective UV sunglasses because UV radiation can seriously damage the retina of the eye.

8. Do not go tanning for more than once a day. Do have not both in the sun and tanning bed during one day. 50-60 times each year is sufficient time for tanning in both tanning bed, and in the sun. Take a break of sun and tanning for at least 4 weeks per year

9.  Specialized means of indoor tanning can shorten the duration of tanning and provide safe tanning. Take a shower after treatment and use conditioners designed for after indoor tanning.

10. If you notice any negative changes in the skin after tanning, make sure to consult your doctor.

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