12 most anticipated movies in 2015

, 12 most anticipated movies in 2015

Movie lovers are always looking forward to New Year and the movies that are coming in that year. This year might be particularly interesting due to the sequence of the most expected movie of the year, “Star Wars”. Besides “Star Wars”, we present you the list of some of the most anticipated movies we are expecting in cinemas in year 2015.


12. “
Fifty Shades of Grey

Expected date: February 13

The movie is tense anticipated adaptation of the bestseller written by E.L. James who has become a global world-wide phenomenon. The movie is expected to attract many fans who eagerly await the hot scenes of Christian Grey and Anastasia.

ted 2 movie
11. “Ted 2”

Expected date: June 26

When the Seth MacFarlane’s „Ted“  appeared in theaters, few expected the comedy about insolent teddy bear turn into one of the biggest hits of 2012.

The first part has earned incredible $ 549 million, and we will find out in June whether ‘Ted 2’ will repeat the success of previous film.

10.” Inside out”

Expected date: June 19

Animated film “Inside Out” is an interesting adventure from the film company Pixar (Pixar), which tells the story of your brain, and it appears that it was worth the wait. This truly original idea could attract both children and adults.

9. “Terminator: Genisys”

Expected date: July 1

After Christian Bale s not very persuasive role of Terminator, the Paramount has re-hired Arnie who will join a young team in a new „Terminator“sequence and so successfully unite old and new fans. How much will be successful this sequel we will see in July.

8. “Mission Impossible 5”

Expected date: December 25

we do not know much About new sequel except that in the lead roles is traditionally trusted to Cruise and Jeremy Renner who will appear in the sequel “The Avengers”, and judging by the photographs of new Cruises stunts, and this time we can expect to enjoy the  pandemonium of action.

7.Jurassic World”

Expected date: June 12

“Jurassic Park” Series of films has from the very beginning been a magnet for the audience, and earned over a billion dollars only the first part of the movie. Although the endings were far weaker, lengthy break from the last part of the Pratt’s growing popularity will certainly contribute to the popularity of “Jurassic World”. How is Chris Pratt actually going to present this role, we will have to wait until June to see.

6. “Minions”

Expected date:  July 10

Anyone who has watched the cartoon ‘Despicable Me’ absolutely fell in love with these little yellow cute creatures that love bananas and speak a language that is difficult to understand. But what happened to them before they become part of Gru criminal gang? Well, you will have to wait until the July to find out.

5. “Spectre”

Expected date:  November 6

It is a 24th film adaptation of about the legendary secret agent James Bond. The previous sequel “Skyfall” is the first movie in history to the UK that made over £ 100 million of at the cinemas. We will have to wait to see if the new movie will reach that success.

4. “Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part Two”

Expected date:  December 20

Even though the first part of the trilogy was not as good as expected, we do have to understand that this is a trilogy that has real chances of getting better while we seem to perceive the entire picture of the complete trilogy. The movie is expected to be hit and we can expect the sequence by the end of the year.

3. “Furious 7”

Expected date:  April 3

The seventh part of the “Fast and Furious” will definitely be a hit. However cruel may sound fact is that the death of Paul Walker sparked an unprecedented interest for a movie in social networks and as much as it may sound insensitive, the story of his death turned into a kind of online campaign that promotes the seventh sequel of the movie.

2.” The Avengers: Age of Ultron“

Expected date:  May 1

Fans have been patiently waiting for three long years for the sequel of the move, which has earned a billion and $ 500 million, and if we take into account the fact that nearly $ 800 million earned even Marvel’s surprise hit “Guardians of the Galaxy”, it becomes clear that the ultimate Marvel movie cannot and will not fail.

1. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“

 Expected date:  December 18

There is no doubt that this movie is going to be a hit. The fact is that only trailer that appeared a few weeks ago has made a huge interest online. Add to that the fact that JJ Abrams is never wrong and the continuation of the cult “Star Wars” will definitely have a great success.

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