4 ways to remove wrinkles on clothes without an iron

, 4 ways to remove wrinkles on clothes without an iron

If you wonder how to correct wrinkled clothes, in the case you do not have the electric iron at disposal, we bring you 4 practical solutions. You might find this method to be easier to practice … In today’s modern era, it is necessary that everyone can find their way in household, even if there is no all the small appliances in the house! Another useful fact is that these tricks well serve if you are traveling and do not have room to pack electric iron.

We present to you four practical ways to iron clothes without iron!


Put your garment on a hanger and hang it somewhere in the bathroom near the shower. Let the hot water and close all windows and doors and let the hot water make steam in the bathroom. The steam will relax the fabric of your clothing and so will correct all wrinkles. You can correct your clothes in the shower (just make sure the water is warmer to create a steam), and wardrobe will be ready to wear as soon as finish the bath.


Put your clothes in the dryer on the of speed correction. After that, you should have reduced the wrinkles or completely vanquished them.

Hair iron

Use the old trick with hair iron. The good thing when using the hair iron is that it can help correct the collar, lapels and sleeves, easier than using electric iron. This trick is especially practical and helpful to iron shirts. here is some tricks on How To Iron A Shirt

Hair dryer

Use the hair dryer as assistant! No, not for your hair, but to correct the wrinkled clothes simply using the heat that the hair dryer emits. Simply slightly spray the clothes with water and dry with the hair dryer, directing the hair dryer to blow down the clothes, forcing the folds to be corrected.

, 4 ways to remove wrinkles on clothes without an iron
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, 4 ways to remove wrinkles on clothes without an iron
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