How to choose a perfect watermelon in 5 steps

, How to choose a perfect watermelon in 5 steps

For proper selection of a watermelon the most important is knowledge, experience also helps greatly and a bit of luck, as in everything you are doing.

Step 1:

The most important step in choosing a watermelon is to determine the color of the stain. If the stain (this is the spot at which the watermelons lies on the ground) is either yellow or ocher watermelon is ripe, and green and white spot indicates immature watermelon.

This is important to determine because once harvested watermelon stops the ripening process.

Step 2:

The second step in the selection of watermelons is to determine whether bark is firm and without damage, because the soft bark means that the rotting of the fruit has began.

Step 3:

The third step is to assess whether the watermelon has proper form, oval and symmetrical because this is characteristic of a healthy fruit.

Step 4:

The fourth step of choosing a perfect watermelon is to estimate the weight of watermelons. When you take the watermelon in the hands, you should feel weather the watermelons weight is proportional to its size.

Step 5:

Finally, there is a fifth tip – listen to the watermelon. In doing so, do not tap the watermelon with your finger does what most customers, but clap it with your open palm.


, How to choose a perfect watermelon in 5 steps
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, How to choose a perfect watermelon in 5 steps
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