5 steps to overcome the shyness

, 5 steps to overcome the shyness

If you are shy and have problems in dealing with new situations and people, you might think that there is not much you can do about it, which of course is not true.

To win the battle with shyness you will need a lot of time, effort, hard work and experience, but success will ultimately be worth the effort.

Self- affirmation

The first thing you should do every morning is to stand in front of the mirror and repeat several times positive, affirmative phrases that will make you feel good and appreciate yourself. Repeat these words so many times, until you are fully convinced of their truthfulness. Then put your clothes and try to look the best you can. People always communicate better and easier with others if they think they look good.


At least once a day, do some risky. Facing fears will strengthen your self-confidence. When you learn how to deal with minor fears, you will be ready for the big things. There is really nothing you cannot do. You have to know that changes are helping your personal development and any risk-taking increases the self-confidence.

Declare your shyness

If you participate in group discussions, it would be good to tell others that you are shy. They will certainly try to encourage you to give your opinion and participate in the conversation. If you do not declare that you are shy by nature, the others might think that you are bored and do not want to contribute to the debate.

Accept the rejection

Rejection and failure are a natural part of your life, and the sooner you realize it, the easier it is to go ahead. Do not think that you only get rejected, or that you need to succeed at whatever you attempt. If you get a “no” as an answer, simply accept it and move on.


Get involved in activities that make you happy. It can be anything, from Tai Chi to knitting or cooking. Explore the new thing, which is a great cure for the shyness.

, 5 steps to overcome the shyness
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, 5 steps to overcome the shyness
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