Advice for saving money on heating during the winter time

Before the official start of the heating season, bear in mind to prepare the radiators. Prepared installation will make any sounds, such as gurgling water in air-filled radiator pipes. Venting allows optimal control and efficient operation of heating elements.

Proper ventilation allows saving considerable energy and thus money. Instead ventilation constantly ajar window or balcony doors, we recommend short-term or full ventilation. In short term, draft in only 3-4 minutes it is possible to change all the stale air in the apartment and that when this does not cool down the walls, floor and furniture. Fresh air will warm up for a minute as the heat builds up in the walls and furniture. Instead of throwing energy into the environment by constantly open window, against the dry air better to fight and moisturizing at the same time that purifies the air of impurities in the air and smoke.

Warming up the cold of space takes the highest consumption of energy. Therefore, during the day, the apartment should maintain an average temperature of about 20 ° C, while at night it is sufficient to maintain the system at about 15 ° C. To make this possible, it is necessary to pre-check the accuracy of all elements of central heating and temperature in some parts of its branches, and the obligatory replace defective valves. In determining the temperature in the room of your home is well know that moderate temperature ensures a saving of about 5% per each stage.

Radiators are emitting heat with entire surface. The air is heated by direct suppression of infrared radiation and convection, or by indirect transfer of heat to the air that is warming due to rising to the above, deducted from the ceiling and transfers heat to the walls and furniture swirling around the room. Radiators therefore must not be covered by curtains, bed or any other piece of furniture that would prevent or prevent free flow of warm air. Better performance radiators can be achieved by placing additional thermal insulation on the wall behind the radiator.

Due to the scaling in the water pipes, which are excreted at a temperature greater than 60 ° C, the water in the system is preferably heated over this temperature.

If the boiler is located in the basement, which is not heated, central heating installation pipes should be protected with handles for heat insulator, which foamy material will prevent dissipation of heat. For fixing the tipping insulator it is necessary to buy duct tape.

The largest consumers of electricity, and therefore your money is the fan electric heater. If you have already decided to heat based on electricity, consider and inquire about the efficiency of electric heating radiators with transformer oil. You should consider that the transformer oil is carcinogenic and highly toxic, and already at the slightest sign of a leak under the urgent need to replace the gasket heater.

In order to preserve the accumulated heat during the night in your home, it is good to turn down external and internal blinds. In this way creates an additional insulating layer of air, which slows down the temperature compensation with an external or cooling air in the apartment. Heat loss will prevent even lighter curtain, which during the winter should be placed behind the radiators. If you have double-glazed windows, among them the well-fitted thick blinds, which will air part divided into two cells and thus reduce the cooling of the window.