How to avoid snoring problem

Snoring is an annoying sound that is caused by narrowing of respiratory system during the night. Around 40% of man and around 25% have this problem. I would not say they suffer from it, because I believe that the persons that are sleeping next to they do suffer more. Older people are especially prone to snoring: about one third of people aged 55-84 snores.

As previously mentioned, snoring is caused by narrowed airways during sleep. When we sleep all muscles, including those in the throat and neck relax. The problem occurs when the muscles relax and start too “fly” around, thus blocking the respiratory tract. These muscles include the tonsils, palate and tongue. If you are overweight, you neck and throat is more likely thicker and as a result more prone to cause blockage of the airways during sleep.

The best way to solve this problem is to use natural methods to stop snoring. They are easily achieved with some simple lifestyle changes, diet and regular exercise. It is important to take care of this problem at the time, because the blockage of the respiratory system can lead to life-threatening problems. The following tips will surely help you:

Lose weight

People who are overweight generally tend to snore more than those with a normal body weight. Of course, you do not need to be too heavy to be snorter, but if you snore and you are overweight, start doing some exercises and a healthy diet and you will see the difference. If you are not active in everyday life, you have a very good chance to snore, so get out and walk at least an hour a day.

Avoid alcohol

If have a custom drink a glass of wine with dinner, this custom increases your chances of snoring. Alcohol, relaxes your tongue and throat muscles, which may resulting in partial blocking the movement of air while you breathe, leading you to snore. If you already snore, it will worsen the situation, and if you do not usually snore, drinking can contribute to snoring.

Stop smoking

If you are a smoker, the chances are you snore. The reasons for this are the cigarette smoke effects on the nasal passages and sinuses. If you stop smoking, your snoring problems will be solved by themselves. And if you do not smoke, you definitely want to avoid exposure to secondhand smoking, as it also can have a detrimental effect on snoring.

Change your sleeping position

Avoid sleeping on your back, try sleeping on your side and use somewhat firmer pillow to avoid neck muscle relaxation, which is resulting in narrowing of the respiratory system and blocks the passing of the air through the system.

Empty your nose

If you have allergies, sinus infections, colds or flu, try inhalation. Inhaling steam from the hot water helps in opening the nasal system and improves your breathing. This will surely help you and your better night’s sleep.

Avoid the pillows

Some people have a tendency to sleep on a pile of pillows. If you wish to eliminate the snoring, avoid this mistake. The pile of pillow raises your head and neck and puts the spine in an unnatural position, what could cause eventual snoring.

Regular sleep

If you sleep daily for few hours, it is more likely you do snore. Unbalanced sleeping can develop respiratory instability while you sleep. The respiratory instability then tends to lead to unstable breathing. So you have to regulate your sleep. Set a specific time to sleep. Try waking up every morning at the same time. On average, 7-8 hours of sleep is all the sleep you need.

Medicines may cause snoring

If you are taking sleeping pills or products that contain antihistamines, most likely you snore. These are medicines that tend to soothe and relax muscles and nerves. As the result, your throat muscles relax. This might cause snoring in the same effect as smoking.