The magic called kiss

, The magic called kiss

Kissing is much more than a universal language and way of showing affection to your partner. Not only do you feel more attached to your partner and share with him the emotion, but you are also benefiting to your health.

Kissing enhances immunity and helps burning calories

A recent study showed that kissing significantly increases metabolism. Surely you’ve noticed that your heart beats faster when kissing partner. And no, not imagination, it really beats faster. And, considering that your heart beats faster while kissing, it releases adrenalin and other neurotransmitters into the bloodstream. Increased adrenaline increases metabolism and helps burn calories.

In a passionate kiss with your partner, your body burns an average of two to five calories per minute, which are twice as many calories than the body burns at rest. Of course, you cannot rely solely on kissing to lose some weight or have a strong immunity, but it will certainly help.

Kissing maintains face younger and more beautiful

Kissing has another, incredible, health advantage. It helps to make our face look younger and more beautiful. Specifically, during kissing we use more than 30 muscles, so kissing maintains smooth muscles and slows the descent of the face. So while by kissing we exercise facial muscles, harden them and minimize the visible signs of aging.

Kissing improves mood and reduces stress

While we kiss, we feel as if we were in seventh heaven, all our worries at the moment seemed to disappear and there is no obstacle that we cannot cross. These feelings occur because by kissing releases the hormone oxytocin, which maintains our excellent mood.

However, by kissing is releasing hormone oxytocin, but not only that. Kissing reduces cortisol levels and cholesterol in the blood, also. So, by kissing you strengthen your heart. In addition, studies have shown that people who are often kissing have a reduced chance of stomach problems, urinary tract infections and blood.

Kissing is a natural analgesic

Yes, kissing really reduces pain and acts as a natural analgesic. Next time, before reaching for the aspirin due to headaches, try kissing instead. Kissing releases endorphins in the body, which may be more effective than any other analgesic drugs and without any negative consequences.

Kissing benefits your teeth

Of course that kissing is not a substitute for regular teeth brushing, but kissing can help in removing dental plaque and prevent caries. The reason for this is the fact that kissing stimulates the production of saliva, which helps eliminate calories from teeth. Minerals in saliva also help restore tooth enamel, thus preventing tooth decay.

Kissing keeps us younger

The reason for this statement is the fact that by kissing we exercise facial muscles and the fact that it helps us cope with the stress. As you know, stress is now the most common causes of various diseases. While we are kissing, we relieve stress and thus feel happier and look younger. And, last but certainly not least, kissing increases self-esteem makes us feel appreciated and generally helps us to feel better.

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