Basics of hosting

Finding a good hosting does not have to be extremely difficult. There are many online services that will, on the basis of selected parameters, recommend you the proper hosting, but first we will clarify what exactly are the characteristics of a good hosting provider.

How to choose a right hosting provider

There are numerous hosting provider services around the world. You would probably want to opt for the right one, and that can be rather difficult choice.  Web programming and design rookies usually choose the right provider according to the price.  But if you really want to make some serious web business, you would probably choose a slightly more expensive provider, but the one that is efficient, protects your interest and is safe. When looking for the ideal hosting provider, pay great attention to customer support options, before you decide how much money you will spend. The critics or any user feedback are the information you will need in order to choose the precise hosting provider. So keep your eyes wide opened and do read as many feedbacks as possible.


Uptime is the time when your site is accessible to the masses of Internet users. Before you buy any of the offered hosting packages, ask your hosting provider what uptime they can guarantee, and what happens if they fail to fulfill this condition. You would also want to know how they measure that time and whether it is measuring available for you to review. There are many online tools that check uptime; some of these services are free of charge, while others charge this service. When looking for hosting, you’ll probably want one that has a good uptime values, as well as a guarantee to that value. 99.9% is often used value, but what does it mean? In one year we have 365 days and 24 hours in each day which is equivalent to 8,760 hours. If a hosting company claims to offer 99.9% uptime, then it is expected that your site will be off no more than 87.60 minutes per year.

The difference between 99.9 and 99.99% uptime

If you hosting company guarantee you 99.99% uptime this practically means that on an annual basis your site may be down for maximum 52 minutes 33.6 seconds. But if your hosting provider guarantees you  99.9%, the difference might seem small, but  measured on an annual basis difference is still big – 8 hours down, and the difference suddenly does not seem to be neglect able.

Bandwidth and disk space

Every time you visit a certain site, you add to its traffic, because in order to be able to review this page, you must download it to our computer. Now ask yourself how many visitors you expect, and that you will all at the same time be able to browse your site.

For disk space, you may need to pay attention, depending on what you present on your site. It is not necessary that you hold all of the content, (i.e. images and songs) on the server when you can take advantage of free media hosting.