How to help your baby while teething

, How to help your baby while teething

Emergence the first teeth is one of the milestones in the first year of your baby. Usually the first teeth appear between the fourth and eighth months but in this, as in many other things, the most affected by genetics. If you or your partner sooner or later grew teeth as a baby, the chances are that your baby will follow your path.

Some of the most common symptoms of teething are of are: drooling, coughing, colds alike symptoms, slight fever, poor sleep, the rash on the chin, rubbing cheeks and pulling the ear, biting, placing different items in the mouth  and diarrhea.

A few simple tools will help you help your child to get over this period and make the irritation/pain more bearable

Homeopathic preparation can be bought in any pharmacy, and applied by the pill dissolved in a teaspoon of water and thus gives the child. Preparations are natural ingredients and neither known side effects nor contraindications have been shown

Use the anesthetic gels or ointments, by gently rubbing them on the child’s gums, concentrating at the place where the tooth is growing.

Chewing cold and hard objects soothe tension and nervousness. Give the child cold spoon or some soft snacks that have been in a refrigerator. Sometimes you can use a crust of bread, or cooked bagel, that baby can longer to chew. But in this case, observe the child while chewing, in order to prevent eventual swallowing of these items.

Massage the tops of toes certainly brings relief to the baby, because the reflex zones for pain in the teeth are placed on the tips of the toes.

Bathing glove can serve as alternative to rubber or plastic rings for chewing. Moisten a clean glove in cold water and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes. Very cold, slightly crispy glove would be a great relief, and a bit of fun, for kids that are teething.  Be sure to wash it before use.

Children prefer to bite the parents’ clean fingers because it creates enough pressure on their swollen gums, what they find comforting.

One should not underestimate the power of cuddling and tenderness when it comes to children struggling with pain. Sometimes all they really need is a little more love, attention and a few special games to overcome the tensions.

, How to help your baby while teething
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, How to help your baby while teething
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