Be smart- how to avoid purchasing a stolen car

, Be smart- how to avoid purchasing a stolen car

When buying a used car it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility that the vehicle you are observing is- stolen. It certainly is not a harmless situation in which you might find yourselves, realizing that you have purchased a car that was stolen. To avoid this unpleasant situation, we bring you some advices that may help you to determine if the vehicle you are observing is in fact stolen.

Chassis number

The numbers can be changed so that it retyped or changes part of the number. Before purchasing be sure to ask in which all places typed chassis number, and experienced eye will help you determine whether something is edited. Stolen car can sometimes be identified by damage around the ignition switch or control, or by malfunctioning of the system lock. Double check a piece of sheet metal on which contains the chassis number of cars and check on all sides that it is not safe or later that the numbers of different forms. Write down the number and check the standard roads or through any of our friends in the police, especially if they are able to access the data of Interpol.

Check the damages

When observing the car, it is always a good idea to take a look at the possible damages that could have been made if the car is stolen. Double check the area around the door lock and the ignition key. Even the least damage can be a sign that the car was stolen.

Check the original parts

Locks and keys should be original, and if something does not respond immediately, the smartest thing would be to cancel the purchase of that car. If there are two different keys to lock the steering wheel and lock door that adds to a suspicion. All glasses should have a default label. Changed steering wheel or the gear lever are also suspicious elements and approach that vehicle with caution. Do not be fooled by the attraction of sports gearbox and steering wheel.

Freshly painted car

The fresh paint is considered suspicious, which may indicate traces of eventual theft. Make an effort to thoroughly examine all the documents.

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