How to properly feed the cat

, How to properly feed the cat

One of the frequent questions of cat owners is how to properly feed the cat. We present you below few tips to help you and to provide cats what they need. Proper nutrition is essential for cats from their first days of life, and is important for their development and health.

Do not “throw” anything you can in the cats bowl

Never throw your cat anything in the dish, just to find something in it or just to eat something, because it was neither good nor healthy for your cat. Cat like any other living creature has its own nutritional needs, so they try to follow to make it so happy and satisfied.

Cats are not vegetarians

It is important to realize that cats are carnivores, so do or attempt to make them vegetarian. They have always been hunters. But although now some of the cats have their owner, they continue to have the same need for nutrition as when they were wild.

Do not feed your cat with dog’s food

You need to know that cats must not be fed with the same type of food as dogs, so if you have two dogs, do not feed them the same food. Cat food should be diverse, which means that it is very unhealthy to feed only one type of food, for instance, only milk or just fish. Such a diet can impair their obtuseness of all nutrients.

Limit the portion

Cat’s meal size depends on its age, size, sex and type of food. But you can use a simple formula which claims that a cat that weighs 5kg should eat 200g of food per day. Most owners of their cats this divide dose into two times, and feed their cats in the morning, once a day and in the evening.

Ideal diet

Never feed cat with the food that is directly coming from the refrigerator. The best and healthiest food is the one that has the room temperature.  The ideal diet for a cat consists of fish, white and red meat, chicken, liver and heart, unsalted cheese, eggs and cooked rice.

Cook their food

To prevent parasites in cats is very important for the fish and meat to thoroughly be cooked before you offer it to your cat. Cats tend to much easier tolerate and digest the cooked food. And when you serve cat fish, it is important to clean the bones out of the fish before you offer it to your cat.

Buy specially prepared food

Preparing food for the cat can be somewhat time consuming, so if you do not have so much time you can feed the cat and the finished product food, which you can buy in any store for pets. That food contains all the nutrients that are pitched one cat, and reduces the risk of tartar and plaque.

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