, Beauty dangers

We have often heard the saying that you have to suffer for the beauty. But you have never probably given the thought on how truth is there in that saying. What are our favorite fashion danger threats?!

High heels

There are few women who do not like or do not enjoy the looks of their legs while wearing high heels. Even the feeling of wearing the high heels is extraordinary for majority of women, the bad effect they have on our posture, feet or fingers in something that cannot be omitted.

High heels can cause skin irritation, and even deformation of the fingers and feet. While wearing high heels, all the weight of the body falls to the front part of the foot causing abnormal posture for maintenance of balance.

The lower half of the body is leaning forward, so the upper part of the body must lean backwards in order to maintain balance, and therefore our body is mainly shaped as the letter “S”. It is very difficult to maintain proper posture in this position, and this is not only good for your health, but also does not look even slightly attractive.

Doctors claim that wearing high heels can cause foot and skin damage. The pressure on your feet leads to possible occurrence of bunions, corns, calluses and other anomalies.

The easiest way to avoid damages caused by wearing high heels is to they often “slip” into somewhat more comfortable shoes.

Tight jeans

If you often feel a tingling sensation on the outside of the thigh check, that is a good sign as any that you jeans are probably a little too tight. This phenomenon is called „skinny jeans syndrome “, and can cause a mild form of numbness of the tissue. You do not have to give up a favorite pair of “skinny“ jeans, or wear one, but just make sure not to exaggerate.

Small bra

It is very important to choose the right size of the bra. This is very important, because even one size too small bra can cause several infections and breathing problems.

Too tight bras can reduce the flow of the lymph nodes under the breast which creates greater retention of toxins in the body.


Experts say that thongs are one of the main items to blame when it comes for fungal infections and even urinary tract infections in women because they support the transfer of bacteria from the rectum to the urethra.

, Beauty dangers
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, Beauty dangers
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