How to reduce emissions from cars and save fuel

, How to reduce emissions from cars and save fuel

Recently, more and more talk has been made on how to take care of the environment and how to reduce the amount of carbon-dioxide that has more and more impact on the environment every day. In addition, the first thing that is on the list of the priorities is how to find ways to reduce emissions from cars. If you’re not sure here are a few tips to help you in this help.

Use “eco friendly” cars

When purchasing a new or used car, try choosing one that has a better performance in terms of emissions of carbon dioxide.

Check the tires

The fact is that the correct tire pressure and their good condition can help reduce fuel consumption, which primarily results in reducing emissions.

Drive with the same speed

Avoid any sudden braking. Sudden breaking can not only lead to potential dangerous situations, but consummate up to 30% more fuel. Try to drive a normal, without major deviations.

Use the right gear

When you are in the right gear, the number of rotation is smaller, and the consumption of fuel is reduces, therefore, the gas emission is reduced.

Loose the excessive weight

The lighter the car, the less fuel it consumes. Try to avoid driving around the things you do not need to have in your car.

Plan ahead

Plan your trip so that you will think twice before as you get to your destination. By planning you can avoid unnecessary routes. In that way, you will save on fuel, and thus the emissions.

Turn off the engine

Try to turn off the engine in the case you are waiting for too much time in the crowd. This will greatly reduce CO2 emissions.

Open the windows

Try to use less air conditioning as possible. In the worst case scenario, you can save a couple of dollars on fuel.

Take a walk to the shop

We know you love your ride your pet on the wheels, but if you can walk, or take the bike to a nearby store, do it for your health. And the environment will appreciate you using the “adequacy of its engine.”


If you can, join or connect a colleague, friend or neighbor during everyday driving on the job. This will save money, reduce emissions of hiking gas – and perhaps even enjoy the company.

, How to reduce emissions from cars and save fuel
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, How to reduce emissions from cars and save fuel
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