Become a karaoke star – tips for amateurs

, Become a karaoke star – tips for amateurs

The fact is that we all know to sing – more or less. If you like to sing, but feel ashamed of your voice, we bring you a few tricks that can help you to become the ultimate karaoke star.

Exercise in a quiet place

The voice should be practiced. Choose a quiet place with good acoustics. Basements and garages or outdoor seats without too many people can serve. While practicing your vocal abilities, make sure to leave you pets, family and neighbors far behind.

Forget about the food and cigarettes before the show

Make sure not to eat any heavy food for about two hours before the performance. If you smoke, leave the cigarettes in the box and avoid smoky areas because the smoke reflects badly on the vocal cords. Pay attention to the selection of drinks – drink water, while the juices are too acidic, and the alcohol dries the throat, therefore, should be avoided. If you are planning to sing more than one song, bring a bottle of water on the stage.

Warm up

Singing is like sports – better results are achieved when the body is warmed up and ready. Start heating up your vocal cords for at least 5-10 minutes before the performance. Avoid high and low notes, hum quietly.

Start quietly

If you immediately start yelling, you will more likely cause resentment of audience and strain the vocal cords. It is better to start slowly and gradually increase the volume rather than suddenly jump from loud to quiet tone.

Use the diaphragm

Amateurs usually sing from throat which is not good for voice and vocal cords. Try to use a diaphragm and tones will get the volume and singing will eventually become easier. Key factor is to master the proper breathing technique. Singing from the diaphragm requires a lot of exercise.

Don’t copy

In karaoke show we usually see amateurs that try to imitate the original performance, which is actually more difficult than their own interpretations. Instead of trying to copy the “voice“ of artist, concentrate on yourself, put your own emotions in the song, look for yourself in the song and the audience will recognize that.

Hold your microphone

Pay attention to the distance between the microphone and your mouth. Those who sing quieter must hold the microphone closer than vocal singers. Also, make sure the microphone is not too close to the speakers.

Have fun

Perfection will be counter-productive and a better interpretation generally obtained in a relaxed and happy state. The audience will accept you better if they see you are having a good time on stage.

, Become a karaoke star – tips for amateurs
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, Become a karaoke star – tips for amateurs
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