Defeat the heat nervousness

, Defeat the heat nervousness

At high temperatures we are not only sweating, but we are feeling quite exhausted, and heat makes us nervous. How to beat nervousness and survive the heat wave?

All in your head

General we know the mind reflects your life, and this is applicable to all spheres of our lives, no matter if you believe in it. What psychologists would call the placebo effect, might just be the weapon that you should use a for hot summer days.

Accept the fact that it’s hot and it’s not cause for panic. If you do not have air conditioning in the apartment, it does not mean that you will die. Our mind is amazing and it’s amazing how much can make life bearable, but if you give him the right inputs. Tell yourself that it’s not a big deal that you sweat, but that the situation is tolerable and watch the miracles that will produce. The stress will be significantly reduced if not completely gone.

Find a colder place

When you are at home, find a room that is not sunny and it stay until the temperature subsides. At work, if you do not have air conditioning, try to step back from the computer processor as much as possible from you, as the processor will warm-up and you will be even hotter.

As the warm air rises up and cold due to their weight falls, find a room that is closest to the earth. The best solution would be sitting in the park near the water, under the shade of a tree.


The fan would be perfect replacement solution for air conditioning. But if for any reason you are not able to afford it, try creating a draft in an apartment.

Hot drinks

Although there are still arguments about this thesis, it does not hurt to try. In fact, drinking hot tea at high temperatures is considered to be very effectively accomplished by cooling the body. By entering a hot fluid, the body receives a signal that it needs cooling, and raises the body temperature to regain balance

Hot water

If you shower with cold water, you are just going to sweat additionally. Instead, opt for warm water. Also, for the sake of potential inflammation, do not wet the towel with cold water and keep them on the neck. Wet the neck, shoulders, hands and feet with warm water. This will give the body with the same signal as while drinking a hot tea.


, Defeat the heat nervousness
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, Defeat the heat nervousness
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