Decoupage your furniture

, Decoupage your furniture

The technique is very simple and can be practiced by anyone with slightest will and creativity.

The materials that will be needed are:

  • white acrylic paint
  • decoupage glue
  • decoupage varnish
  • few small brushes
  • motifs

When you obtain the necessary materials, you can access the decoration following steps.

1. If the selected background that you want to decorate is dark colored, before accessing the decorating part, you have to paint the furniture with white or light beige acrylic paint.

2. Cut out the motive of napkins or wrapping paper and even paper from a favorite magazine. If the napkin is fully covered with an image that you like, there is no need for cutting.

3. After the white or beige basis has dried, apply a very thin layer of decoupage glue.

4. Carefully apply the motive or the entire napkin, wrapping paper, or an image from the magazine on the glue. If the motive you are using has multiple layers separate them and apply at the surface only the top layer.

5.  Pat the glued napkin and re-apply a thin layer of decoupage glue from the center toward the edges of motifs, in order to gain as little air balloons as possible, and to get perfect motif.

6. After napkin has dried, apply the surface of lacquer to make your decorated surface look like the motif has always existed there.

See how it looks decoupage restoration of old furniture and maybe you ideas encourage you to do something similar at home.

, Decoupage your furniture
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, Decoupage your furniture
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