DIY water sprinkler

, DIY water sprinkler

This summer you will probably need a brand new water sprinkler. The question is, why should you buy a brand new one and spend money on it when the solution for your problem is probably already in your home. Simply take an ordinary plastic bottle, and depending on the strength of water pressure in the house, drill few holes.

Start with a small number of holes, and, if necessary, drill some more on the bottle … A nice idea!

All the materials needed are:

  • Water hose
  • duct tape
  • Empty 2l plastic bottle
  • screwdriver

Take a screwdriver and with it drill some holes on the bottle, three on each side will be quite sufficient for sprinklers to be more than effective.

Open the bottle and insert the hose in it.

Make sure to duck tape the hose onto the bottle well, so that the “sprinkler” stays fixed to the hose.

If you want the sprinkler to be stronger, or to throw the water much further, make sure drill smaller holes on the bottle.


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