Fabulous Skincare Tips That Will Help You Survive Winter

Winter weather conditions don’t do well to delicate and exposed face skin. Normal and oily skin can develop problems such as tension, scaling, roughness and redness. Dry skin, which is naturally thinner, can have more pronounced problems due to weather conditions. The only answer to that is frequent hydration.

Skin care

While choosing cleaning products for face, avoid the ones that contain alcohol. Use mild lotions or soap for washing your face. Replace your light, summer face cream with the one that has richer texture. The same goes for the body, in order to avoid cracking and flaking of the skin due to the cold.


Avoid hot showers. Although hot shower feels comfortable after a longer stay in cool air, you are only breaking a lipid layer of the skin which leads to additional dryness. The solution is to bathe or take a shower with lukewarm water or simply spend reduce the amount of time we spend exposed to hot water.

Oil baths are much better choice during the winter because they retain the much needed moisture of the skin. After bathing, dry your skin by gently tapping it with a towel to avoid further irritation.

Protect lips

Cold winter air can damage your lips heavily by making them irritated and dry. Keep the good quality lip balm always close in order to be able to nourish your lips several times a day. Avoid licking them when you feel they’re dry, because this will create the opposite effect. Olive oil and honey can help you during the winter, because mixture of these two is amazing for hydrated beautiful lips.


Hands are constantly exposed to cold air and wind, and this is why they require special care. Invest in a hand moisturizer that protects against external influences and premature aging. If necessary, apply the cream up to several times a day, especially before going to bed. Do not forget a pair of high-quality woolen gloves.

Hydration from within

Increased intake of fluids in the body is not reserved only for the summer months. During the winter the recommended intake is two liters of liquid a day, both water and herbal tea. This is definitely the cheapest and most effective way to give the body a much needed hydration.

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